Shade take in lab

We offer a free in lab shade taking service, for your patients.

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Free 1st crown offer

If you are a new client please contact us quoting FCO 1 to claim your free  IW Zirconia crown.



DAMAS is the ‘Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme’. It is a quality management system designed specifically for the manufacturers of custom made dental appliances.


The British Bite Mark

The British Bite Mark was launched on March 23rd 2012 and was designed to represent the dental laboratory industry in Great Britain. Wherever you see the British Bite Mark logo, you can be confident that custom made dental appliances have been manufactured on site in a British dental laboratory to your specific dental requirements.


The Dental Laboratories Association

The Dental Laboratories Association Ltd (DLA) is a professional body for dental laboratory owners in the UK. Currently the Association has around 1000 members, over 50 of whom are affiliates. It is estimated that members of the DLA are responsible for over 80% of the dental laboratory services in the UK.


Best Laboratory 2015

The 2015 Dental Laboratory Awards was fantastic experience for our whole team as we had no inkling that we would win an award, let alone come home with three! We had an amazing evening and felt it was a great team building exercise for us all.

When we decided to enter the 2015 Awards we took the approach of it being a great opportunity to attend the awards with all the lab staff and to enjoy the evening, and if we came back with something, that would be an added bonus. Therefore, to win Best Implant Lab, Best Private Lab and Best Overall Dental Lab 2015 was just fantastic for our staff to be recognised for all their hard work that they put in every day. I think that our success is based on our continued re-investment of profits back into the laboratory and by doing this, allowing us to have state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology. We are an innovative, forward thinking laboratory with forward thinking staff.

Best Implant Laboratory

We successfully combine the most advanced materials, equipment and techniques to produce high quality craftsmanship. Every effort is made to provide you and your patient with natural looking, precision fitting restorations that will offer many years of trouble free function.

Best Private Laboratory

Specialising in Implantology and Crown and Bridge, combining Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Design to get fantastic aesthetic results. We pride ourselves in offering technical assistance, guidance and support every step of the way from case planning and impression taking to the final delivery of the prosthesis.

We Specialise In


Our lab structure is one that every case that comes into the lab is scanned  and milled in house whether it is milled in wax, pmma , titanium, chrome cobalt, zirconia or hybrid materials.


We offer a quality prosthetic service utilising the best materials available, and we work closely with our surgeons to produce the best appliances possible for their patients.

Chrome Cobalt Denture

Although more expensive than acrylic our Chrome Cobalt  dentures are considered the partial dentures of choice, for the long term integrity of your remaining natural teeth and overall oral health.

Crown and Bridge

Our quality crown and bridge is manufactured by a highly experienced team. We offer a full range of cosmetic crown and bridge, from veneers to full mouth reconstructions. We constantly look for new materials and methods to make our work even better.


Dental implants have always been our passion. We combine our knowledge of cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry to provide natural looking implant restoration, from single crowns to full arch reconstructions.

Metal free

This is our largest growing area in the lab and with the introduction of so many new materials we are able to combine with our CAD/CAM technology to produce natural looking restorations that will give you the confidence to smile.

About Us

IW DENTAL is a modern progressive digital laboratory, we are open minded with techniques and methods and are always on the lookout for new materials. We have invested a lot of time and money in our digital workflow coupled with our CAD/CAM and milling machines suitable to mill all our frameworks and implant bars and abutments, we strive to keep our development up to date with new materials and software. Combined with a talented team of artistic technicians we strive to create restorations that are not only functional but look aesthetically fantastic, and give your patients reason to smile.


Ian WoolleyLab Owner

Lucy WoolleyAccounts Manager

Russell JacksonLab Manager

Jon PerkinsAssistant Lab Manager

Will KovacicImplant Manager

Piotr WozniakCAD/CAM Specialist

Margaret MayAdministration

We successfully combine the most advanced material, equipment and techniques to produce quality craftsmanship. Every effort is made to provide you and you patient with natural looking precision fitting restorations that will offer you many years of trouble free function.